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    6 ft. 3 in.
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    High School
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    Self Employed
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    Yes, living elsewhere


Seeking a committed relationship. I am not a serial dater so please know what you want and when you find it...be willing to pursue it with your heart wide open. I would like to see a reflection of myself in the person I want to marry as in they love God with all their heart, are honest, have high integrity, minimal emotional baggage, positive, funny/witty, intelligent, financially responsible and isn't perfect and doesn't expect me to be either. If you have read the book or been to the "Love and Respect" conference than you'll know what it takes too. If you are a fitness fanatic, I probably would not be the best match for you. I enjoying being active and would want to work out together, yet I would not enjoy going to the gym every single day...I believe a successful relationship has to be honest. The people I admire are those that treat others with respect no matter what their station in life..!!

What I am looking for

I am looking for someone who cares and wants to be with me. Someone who is thoughtful, remembers birthdays, valentines day and likes to celebrate holidays with family and friends. I am also looking for someone who does not play games and lies by omission. I want someone who will be faithful to me. I also want someone is loving and passionate.